Sark needs this

A new dairy for our island

Sark is open for business

"Our little island has experienced some trials in recent times. I believe that this project will stir islanders’ hearts, strengthening their resolve to return to self-sufficiency.

The plan is to create a sustainable dairy that contributes to the economy as well as the spirit of the community. A dairy that Sark can be proud of.

We need to raise a sum of £480,000 to complete the project and we have raised over £360,000. As you read our website please consider how you can help.

Sark is up and running, it’s open for business. Our island has a history of producing the absolute highest quality dairy products - so this project is good for you and it’s good for Sark."


Major Christopher Beaumont

Goodness, worth every penny

Here’s the financial landscape.

The project will cost £480,000 of which £360,000 has already been pledged. The Trustees are seeking sponsorship for the infrastructure that will be publicly owned.






Goodness, we have a rich landscape

The days of relying on importing milk will be over. Sark’s fine tradition of dairy produce would be restored. Sark's long dairy heritage would be restored. It would also enable Sark to preserve the island’s pastoral landscape and its farming traditions.

Goodness, what a boost for the economy

A dairy is at the centre of rural life, the rhythm of milking, grazing and growing winter feed crops. It also dovetails with other industries to boost economic activity and provide jobs that might stall a migration of the workforce.

Goodness, there's an appetite for this

Sark has always produced the highest quality milk and cream. Cattle are grass fed. There’s no pollution. There’s no stress on the animals. It’s the perfect platform for premium products. With creative packaging and branding there may be a very strong case for exportation.

Goodness, Sark went viral

Sark’s pursuit of a new farmer was hot news on a BBC blog and as a result the island has engaged the services of a dynamic couple, Jason & Katharine Salisbury.

Currently, the couple's pedigree Guernseys at Whitegate Farm near Ipswich provide milk for their hand-made Suffolk cheeses.

Jason is a prize-winning cattle breeder and Katharine is a cheesemaker and vet. The perfect pairing. They wholeheartedly believe in the future of small farming and artisanal produce.

Goodness, it's hands on

The Salisburys are eager to encourage community engagement. The farm will be open to local children and tourists. Visitors will be free to watch cows being fed and milked and also watch dairy products being made.

Sark’s pastoral landscape is an attraction to tourists, it’s perceived as the dream life. Anything that enhances this perspective brings valuable visitors to our island.

Goodness, it's already underway

The good news is that Plans have been submitted and approved for a steel-framed, timber-clad building to house 16 cows, a milking parlour (with viewing gallery) and dairy processing. The site is between the Seigneurie Garden and the Island Hall.

The Trust will hold the property for the community and lease it to tenant farmers as a dairy business.

Who's behind the project

Sir Richard Collas


Major Christopher Beaumont

Trustee, Chairman

Caragh Couldridge

Trustee, Secretary

Wendy Kiernan

Trustee, Treasurer

Richard Axton


John Robinson

Trustee, Consulting Engineer

How you can help

We need your help. Please support this important and exciting venture. 

Donate directly via the Crowdfunder or JustGiving links below, or you can make payment directly:

Account by BACS to:

Account Type: Community Account
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A/C number: 64582551
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Account name: The Sark Community Dairy Charitable Trust
Address: Clos de Milieu, Sark, Channel Islands, GY10 1SF

Sark Community Dairy Charitable Trust is a Sark Registered Charity no.38

Sark Dairy Trust Annual Accounts Year Ending 15th August 2020

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